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11. General

- Assessment of contaminated sites. Assessment of contaminated sites. Go to assessment of contaminated sites

12. General

- Planning. Planning. Go to planning

13. General - Expertise on many levels.

- Expertise on many levels. PORR Umwelttechnik offers a wide range of specialist services: from the assessment of contaminated sites, planning, project development, and environmental chemistry to…

14. General

- Waste treatment plants. Waste treatment plants. Go to waste treatment plants

15. General

- Backfilling. Backfilling. Go to backfilling

16. General

- Recycling. Recycling. Go to recycling plants

17. General

- Landfill construction. Landfill construction. Go to landfill construction

18. General

- Landfill operations. Landfill operations. Go to landfill operations

19. General

- The Biopuster process. The Biopuster process. Go to the patented process

20. General - For a clean future.

- For a clean future. Waste management is becoming increasingly important. From private households to companies, waste is generated everywhere and has to be disposed of. It must either be recycled…
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