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The basis of countless construction projects.

Earthworks comprise all construction measures that involve changing the soil’s position, shape and storage qualities. They thus form the basis for projects in the fields of road construction, sewerage systems construction, embankment construction, landfills, sealing, soil masking, landscaping, culvert construction, noise barriers and many others.

Embankments are typical earthworks. They are needed for traffic routes such as canals, roads and railways, but also for barrages and landfills. Levelling and compacting large areas is just as much a field of application as supplying sand, gravel or topsoil and disposing of soil masses.

As a subsidiary of PORR Umwelttechnik Koller Transporte-Kies-Erdbau GmbH specialises in earthworks such as these. The company carries out both smaller construction projects such as temporary construction pit systems for single-family homes and large infrastructure projects for employers such as Hafen Wien or the ÖBB.

Your contact for earthworks.

Martin Kahrer Management Koller
Andreas Vock Management Koller
Thomas Halwachs Head of Earthworks