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Demolition, dismantling, urban mining

Professional recycling for old structures.

Demolition projects often necessitate the removal and disposal of asbestos and other pollutants. For years, PORR Umwelttechnik has been a reliable partner for technically demanding projects that require innovative dismantling concepts. We also specialise in urban mining, the professional dismantling of power plants and large industrial sites. 

PORR Umwelttechnik is thus well-positioned in all areas: from gutting and dismantling buildings to ecologically compatible material separation and disposal. No matter if it involves a factory building, a rental building or a single-family home.

Demolition & dismantling.
In addition to optimal planning and suitable, well-trained personnel, every successful demolition project requires heavy demolition equipment. We always take care to ensure that, in addition to high performance and low maintenance requirements, our construction equipment also has a certain reach. Demolition excavators weighing up to 175 tonnes with a range of 52m and demolition tools weighing up to 10 tonnes are classified as long-reach equipment. PORR Umwelttechnik can thus offer both a more economical and safer alternative to blasting for complex industrial dismantling operations.

Urban mining.

The professional dismantling of power plants and large industrial sites is frequently highly complex and represents a particular challenge. Our specialists have the expertise necessary to evaluate potential properties in terms of secondary raw materials at an early stage. 

We then conduct economic feasibility studies for a range of recovery options: dismantling, demolition, remediation and recycling concepts. Our estimates for the achievable revenue and, ultimately, the execution of the property recycling measures are based on the findings from these studies.

PORR Umwelttechnik is not tied down by regional external dependencies. It covers the entire value chain and the capacities required for urban mining throughout Austria. As a full-service provider, it can thus guarantee perfect processes from project development to property handover.

Demolition projects in Vienna and the surrounding area are carried out by our subsidiary Prajo & Co.

Your contacts for demolition, dismantling and urban mining.

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