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Decontamination and asbestos remediation

Decontamination in line with the highest safety standards.

PORR Umwelttechnik has many years of experience in industrial dismantling and demolition work. In many cases, the removal of pollutants is necessary before demolition. In the field of decontamination, the main focus is on asbestos remediation. We place the highest priority on protecting employees and the environment.

Protecting humans and the environment. 

For a long time, asbestos was in high demand as a construction material. Its field of applications ranged from fire protection and sound insulation to protection from heat and moisture. Today, this highly hazardous material is banned throughout Europe. In spite of this, asbestos is still present in countless buildings built before the ban came into effect. Many affected buildings have now reached the end of their life cycle and have to be carefully decontaminated before general refurbishment or demolition works can take place.

High safety standards are prescribed for professional execution. There are two essential factors here: In order to prevent damage to health, remediation personnel must be highly trained and appropriately equipped, and no asbestos fibres may escape from the remediation area into the environment.

Comprehensive protection is a prerequisite for our team of specialists. Our employees wear full-body protective suits with hoods, gloves, boots and respirator masks. The latter must be fitted with appropriate particle filters. To protect the environment, we seal the remediation area off from the outside world. In addition, a negative pressure field is generated by suction devices, which are tested beforehand. Staff enter and exit the remediation area via a double-door system.

A largely dust-free working environment constitutes an additional requirement. Our specialist team extracts the sprayed-on asbestos coatings straight from the extraction site with the aid of high-vacuum suction devices. The asbestos is then transported to a solidification plant via a closed system, where it is combined with cement. Once this has hardened, it is transported to an approved landfill for final disposal.

In order to check whether the remediation measures have been successful, the asbestos fibres in the room air are measured after the cleaning work has been completed. Asbestos remediation must always be carried out in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and in coordination with the responsible authorities. The work process is therefore documented in an independent report.

In addition to asbestos disposal, PORR Umwelttechnik also carries out the
analysis and decontamination of rooms in which contamination with PAHs and PCBs, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic substances has been identified.

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