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Collection, transportation, disposal

Containeryard CAT in Linz.

The Upper Austria branch has been operating a container yard in Linz's industrial district since October. At the CAT, Am Tankhafen 16 in Linz, we accept the standard waste from our internal and external customers: from commercial waste to wood to construction waste in various qualities, from Eternit and KMF, EPS / XPS to other hazardous waste. We sort these and, if possible, recycle them. In addition, we also offer a trough service.

Your contact at Containeryard Linz.

Head of Containeryard Linz Margot Mayrhofer
Dispatching Our dispatch department takes care of your order. Mon. - Thu. 7 a.m. - 5 p.m., Fri. 7 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Your specialist for commercial and construction waste.

Our affiliate PKM-Muldenzentrale GmbH undertakes the collection, transport and disposal of construction site waste in skips and containers. Other services include clearances, taking charge of dangerous goods, crane liftable skips, special liquid-proof skips and specialised vehicles for civil engineering, and supplying sand and gravel.

PKM-Muldenzentrale is equipped with 3,500 skips and containers in a variety of sizes. These also include special categories such as type S7 crane skips and specialised liquid-proof skips for removing excavated material for diaphragm walls (with platform) and grouting reflux (without a platform).

With our own specialist vehicles and our partner companies’ fleets, we have up to 45 lorries, skip loaders and roll-off tippers, and ten trailers at our disposal. We use these to transport around 50,000 skips and containers per year.

The accepted waste materials, such as construction waste, wood and industrial waste, are reloaded and treated in three in-house sorting and treatment plants on our 40,000 m2 premises.

We separate the delivered construction waste into various recyclable materials, so-called recyclable fractions. These are then either recycled or disposed of in compliance with the applicable laws. Sorting residues or residual waste are recycled thermally.

PKM-Muldenzentrale also creates a “collection island” for large-scale construction works upon request. Containers for all waste categories are supplied at the required volume capacities. Waste collection, transport logistics and invoicing are coordinated and implemented by PKM-Muldenzentrale.

More information and our online shop can be found on the PKM-Muldenzentrale GmbH website.

Your contacts at PKM-Muldenzentrale GmbH.

Management PKM-Muldenzentrale GmbH Günter Mayer
Management PKM-Muldenzentrale GmbH Andreas Vock
Plant management PKM-Muldenzentrale GmbH Karin Mayer

A strong partner in the transportation sector too.

Our affiliate Koller-Transporte-Kies-Erdbau GmbH  specialises in transporting all types of bulk goods. The company transports gravel to construction sites and removes excavated material. Their modern fleet is well equipped and highly diversified. New purchases are subject to the highest applicable emission standards – the proportion of EEV and EURO 6 vehicles already exceeds 90%. 

The Koller fleet comprises the following categories:

  • 3-axle lorry with 2-way tipper, crane and 3-axle trailer
  • 4-axle lorry with 3-way tipper or half-pipe dump body
  • 5-axle articulated lorries with three-way tippers
  • 5-axle articulated lorries with half-pipe dump bodies and tarpaulin covers


Navigation and localisation in real time.

Our modern fleet management is based on our long-standing expertise, which also guarantees maximum flexibility in dispatching: We are increasing our order capacity and reducing our diesel consumption. Maintenance contracts and a fully equipped workshop ensure the operational readiness of our vehicles. 

Your contact in the transportation sector.

Management Koller GmbH Martin Kahrer
Management Koller GmbH Andreas Vock
Head of Transportation Günter Mayer
Dispatching Our dispatch department takes care of your order. Mon. - Thu. 6 a.m. - 5 p.m., Fri. 6 a.m. - 1 p.m.