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Drilling & well construction

Drilling for information.

Core drilling provides informative data for investigation and planning services in connection with groundwater, subsoil, mineral raw materials and contaminated areas. Geological conditions within the soil can vary drastically, even over a very small area. This heterogeneity means that planning can only be carried out reliably if it is based on carefully executed and documented exploratory drillings. 

Drilling applications.

  • Outcrops in loose and solid rock: percussion core drilling, dry rotary core drilling, wireline core drilling, auger drilling, hydraulic circulation drilling
  • Assessment of contaminated sites: brownfield and landfill assessment
  • Installation of inclinometers or extensometers
  • Borehole tests: water testing, infiltration tests, slug tests, standard penetration tests, borehole geophysics
  • Dynamic probing: DPH, DPM, DPL
  • Pile core sampling
  • Soil vapour extraction tests
  • Execution and evaluation of groundwater pumping tests
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells and preservation of evidence
  • Well construction

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